Strategic Marketing

We were instructed by Amenity Forum, to work as their outsourced PR and Marketing department on a strategic marketing & PR campaign to educate both internal and external stakeholders in why Amenity is both important and essential in everyday life.

Our starting point when working with the team at Amenity Forum, was to ensure that correct processes were in place to deal with enquiries generated by the media, the trade and the public. Once these were agreed and implemented, we set to work developing a marketing campaign that would educate the public on what Amenity is, and why is matters and how touches every one of us every day. This saw the birth of GetMoving! GetMoving follows the Colins family through different journeys where amenity is essential for them to: watch a football match, take the train, drive their car.

Once the initial stories were developed, we then produced a toolkit of marketing materials so that we could use different tactics to reach and engage with our target market. The launch of the campaign was a huge success, going viral on twitter within the industry, and getting government recognition for the work that had been done. We are still working with the Amenity Forum on phase two of the GetMoving campaign, and continuing the Colins family journey to educate the public.



Whilst developing the GetMoving campaign, we have also been developing the PR for Amenity Forum, ensuring that their targets of being in the press once a month was met. Not only did we meet this, but we exceed this by ensuring that the Amenity Forum were in the press 2.5 times a month! As with the GetMoving campaign; we are still working with the Amenity Forum on continuing their press coverage.

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