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How To Recycle Your Content For Maximum Effect

Content makes the world go around. Okay, so maybe we exaggerated a little there, but content is certainly a huge part of modern business. The burning question is, how can you make the most of it? Sometimes coming up with new, exciting and interesting content for your followers to read on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis can seem quite a daunting task. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make the most of each idea without constantly repeating yourself?

Don’t throw it away, recycle it! 

The chances are, the majority of your followers won’t read every single piece of marketing content you put out on the world wide web (unless you’re a celebrity with a mass following), so how do you ensure each nugget of gold that you give away reaches them?

Recycling (this does not mean copying and pasting) your content through blog posts, newsletters, images, videos, web pages, emails, tweets, articles, infographics and flyers not only gives you the best chance of reaching your intended audience, but it also allows you to create different approaches that will appeal to different target markets.

Different strokes for different folks

Much the same as some people prefer to sit down with a newspaper and a cup of coffee to digest the news rather than read it online through their smartphone whilst on the tube, individuals will be drawn to different forms of advertising media.

Without going too much into key demographics, you need to consider each form of content and who is likely to be interested in it. Generally speaking, younger audiences will be interested in short, snappy and colourful images and videos, whilst older audiences will likely want to read more information through a blog post or article, rather than making an impulsive decision.

Now, as you would imagine, these different forms of media will overlap and appeal to a common audience, and that’s great! It’s always good to remind people that you exist and you’re helping tens/hundreds/thousands of people improve their lives one way or another; just don’t bombard them! By utilising a wide range of media platforms you’ll find that your audience increases greatly, whilst all of your content remains relevant, interesting and captivating.

But wait, there’s more…

Not only is recycling your content a great way of reaching multiple audiences, it also allows you to measure the effectiveness of each media format so that you can tweak and perfect future content, advertorials and marketing strategies in order to increase its efficacy and ROI.

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