Digital Marketing Strategy


5 Simple Steps To A Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital world can often seem scary, full of potholes to dodge and protocols to learn, but by following our 5 simple steps you’ll be on your way to a successful and profitable digital marketing strategy in no time!

  1. Set a goal

    What do you want to achieve? By setting ambitious, achievable and measurable goals, you’ll give the campaign momentum and inspire yourself and your team to smash through the targets you set.

  2. Design a clear path for customers to follow

    Take them on a journey of discovery and exploration. If customers can’t find what they were looking for, or don’t stumble upon something interesting and useful, the chances are they’ll find somewhere else to go instead. Just like a road network, the path you design for your customers to follow needs to be easy to understand; it needs to make navigation easy and ideally needs to throw in a few welcome surprises along the way. Not only does your path need to be super easy to follow, it also needs to be compelling, interesting and informative, otherwise your potential customers will likely take a wrong turn and take themselves to your competitor!

  3. Drive traffic to your website

    Your website is the hub of your online marketing strategy. Whilst social media sites are both a quick port of call for consumers to see what you’re up to and how you operate, they’re really only a precursor to a website visit. By driving traffic to your website from social media platforms, as well as SEO, and Google Ads, you’re not only opening up the library of media they can access (blog posts, articles, videos, photos, newsletter sign-ups), but you’ve already invited them along your path to purchase!

  4. Create a compelling call to action

    Get them excited about your business and give them a reason to find out more! If a business states ‘We’ve got a new sports drink.’ are you likely to instantly go and find out more? Probably not. But what if they said ‘We’ve already helped 1 million athletes improve their recovery times with our new thirst-quenching sports drink. Click here to find out how you could improve your recovery.’ – you’d probably be more intrigued, wouldn’t you?

  5. Pop in an effective enquiry bait

    Everyone loves a freebie, and by giving someone something that’s really helpful and useful it’ll add value to your paid-for services. Now remember, even though it’s free it still needs to contain lots of juicy, valuable information. Whilst testimonials are great, people don’t necessarily want to solely read about how you’ve helped others; they want step-by-step instructions for one of the exercises from your new video, a recipe from your new cookbook or a really cool alternative use for your new product. This is your time to be creative – let your imagination run wild!

So now you’ve got your 5 simple steps, it’s time to think about tone and content. These are both highly important when it comes to enticing people in, and plays a part in your overall marketing strategy.

Think logically about what content your target audience will be interested in and what tone they will associate with best; someone looking to buy flea treatment for their pet will likely be alienated by a host of medical mumbo-jumbo, and it’s implausible that a pharmaceutical company will instantly be compelled to buy from you simply because you’re offering free theme park tickets for the whole family.

Keep your content and tone relevant to your audience and you’ll find that your marketing efforts are far more effective.

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