Marketing plans for 2015!

It’s a scary time of year, when you start planning 2015, looking at how you want things to pan out of the business. So I thought we would start looking at the predicted marketing trends for 2015 and which strategies should be implemented into your marketing plans for 2015.

We all know that digital marketing is on the increase; however, a recent report by Accenture based on a survey of more than 580 senior marketers globally, found that more than a third believe that digital will account for 75% of their marketing budgets by 2019, while 35% say mobile will account for more than 50%!

Lets have a look at the insight into the digital trend and see what lessons we can learn…

Lesson 1 – Relax the brand controls

The consumption of digital media is on the increase and with this is the amount of content created by customers who love what brands have to offer, and sometimes negative feedback will be included. Embracing this the collaboration with customers can also increase co-creation of new products.

Lesson 2 – Humanise the brand

We talked about this is last months edition of Marketing Magic and according to research by Lippincott “Brands that behave like humans find more favour with customers”. Consumers now buy a lifestyle, and through making your brand more human you are becoming more transparent and moving away from customer cynicism.

Lesson 3 – Maximise converged content

It is believed that content marketing will be taken to the next level promoting it through paid-for social media strategy. Social Media won’t be the only determining factor in this evolution; mobile, smart TV’s and understanding coding will also play a part.

Lesson 4 – Get ahead of technology

With the introduction of Google Glass, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch and the new Apple iWatch that is coming out in 2015 – media consumption are changing rapidly. The level of consumer uptake or marketing applications is currently not clear, but what is clear is that you can’t be behind the times in your innovations or strategies to reach your customers.

Lesson 5 – Take more risks

Without risk there is no gain! Being versatile and reactive to any brand can be scary but sometimes it’s the big decisions that pay off. Don’t be afraid to look at what is news topical or current and put an opinion out there as long as you can react and rectify any negativity it is one way to raise awareness of your brand.

 Brands becoming more reactive can capitalise on 58 million consumer tweets a day, according to Social Media Examiner.

Lesson 6 – Stay ahead of gen Z

Keeping ahead of the next generation is never easy especially now when they are less patient and more difficult to impress. Therefore reaching them requires excellent content on the right media and the right time.

Twitter has changed the way media is consumed, from breaking news to viral content; the tech savvy younger generation no longer see the need for email, all they need is text and social media according to Marketing Week’s Secret Marketer.

Lesson 7 – Merge data with creativity

At its best data and creativity combine and result in the best program possible. Data has been captured for years; marketers saw the introduction of Tesco Club Card combine creative personalised marketing with data. With advancements in technology you can now monitor who is visiting your website which content they are interested in and how long they were there. Thus giving sales teams and marketers the data required personalised marketing and sales messages to convert into a sale.